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Introducing SameGrain

Imagine a world where you can privately discover what you have in common

with other people, whether they are around the corner or around the globe.


A place where you can locate individuals that share the same backgrounds, beliefs, health, life experiences, habits, taste, personality, interests, stage of life and so much more.  That world is SameGrain!

Grains determine what makes you unique

Just like the grains in wood or your fingerprint, no two individuals are exactly alike.  The same is true on SameGrain, except you can quickly see where your common grains overlap with others.  SameGrain opens the door to discover more compatible roommates, teammates, travel companions, support groups, business connections and more.

Match on a more meaningful level

SameGrain matches are both broad and deep ranging from sports interests and health issues to pets and careers.  With SameGrain you match on over 45 million areas, including all of Wikipedia, so you can find that rare needle in the haystack connection or locate someone nearby who you should meet.

View areas you share in common

To further protect your privacy, SameGrain only shares the things you have in common with others.  So, no one sees your entire profile just the parts where you match.  Use SameGrain to see what you have in common with your existing or future friends on everything from political beliefs and exercise habits to celebrity crushes and favorite music or pizza toppings. 

Locate people like you near you

Ever wonder what you have in common with the people standing near you in line, walking by you, or sitting in the same room or stadium?  With SameGrain, you can kick start or fast track a conversation to the areas you share in common.  Better yet, you can start connecting with the people you should meet in life.

"SameGrain makes me socially psychic.  

I now know what I have in common with the people around me and meeting new people is less awkward." 

-- HighNotes​​​​​​​​​​

"With SameGrain,

I can anonymously chat

with fellow vets as I

get used to civilian life." 

-- quadcorps32​​​​​​​​​​

"I love SameGrain's nature theme.

You just plant the people you want to grow friendships with and mulch matches that get creepy.  SameGrain makes it

safe to play with matches"

-- sarahdipity​​​​​​​​​​

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