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SameGrain releases data-driven insights into politics, professions, and which voters cry more in movies.


BALTIMORE, MD (March 2, 2016) — Just in time for the #Oscars and #SuperTuesday, new analyses have identified strong correlations between a person’s political convictions and their personal and professional lives. SameGrain, an award winning social discovery app that privately connects people on over 45M match points, has released the findings as part of a series of data-driven insights into societal trends. These insights, including detailed analyses and interactive graphs, are available on SameGrain’s data blog at

SameGrain’s free iOS app matches users on an in-depth level, helping them find more compatible roommates, teammates, travel companions, support groups, new friends, and more. The data used in the analyses, comprised of millions of anonymized user answers, provides valuable insights into the inherent connections between people’s personal, professional, and political lives.

SameGrain asked its users who they were voting for in the 2016 US presidential election and compared their choice to their professions. The results showed Clinton voters are over 3x more likely to be teachers and over 4x less likely to be in law enforcement than Trump’s voters. Indeed, all Republican candidates have a relatively high percentage of voters in law enforcement, the military, and public safety, while the Democratic candidates enjoy higher support from those in non-profits, government, and entertainment professions. Trump has the highest support of any single profession (construction), but his support from educators and teachers ranks as the lowest support of a candidate from any single profession.

SameGrain also asked users if they cry during sad movies. Nearly 2/3 of users said they do, with individuals voting Democratic being approximately 30% more likely to cry (or admit they cry) during a movie than those voting for a Republican candidate.

“The true power of data comes out of its analysis,” commented Jonathan Seale, PhD, SameGrain’s Lead Data Scientist. “Analysis is where what starts as a collection of separate data points transforms into a story about what makes us unique, what we have in common, and who we are as a people. We look forward to telling more of these stories on our blog as SameGrain grows.”

SameGrain has received numerous awards and accolades, including the Appy Award for Best Social App of 2015 and a four-out-of-five star review from iPhone Life Magazine.

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