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Connected College Visits match students who are touring, applying to, or have been accepted to the same colleges or universities.


BALTIMORE, MD (May 18, 2015) —  ​​​​​​​​SameGrain, the privacy-first social discovery app, today announced the launch of “Connected College Visits,” a new feature that matches prospective college students. SameGrain’s Connected College Visits comes just in time as students and parents across the country plan their campus tours and orientation at colleges and universities. High school, transfer and incoming college students can now anonymously match with other prospective students who are considering the same schools and who share multiple in-depth areas in common. Students can form connections before they even step foot on campus or use the app as an ice-breaker to find shared interests with students they meet in person.

SameGrain connects people near and far on more than 45 million match points using a proprietary matching algorithm that analyzes users’ answers to hundreds of questions and thousands of attributes from existing social profiles. By downloading the free SameGrain app and entering the Connected College Visit invite code (CCV) during sign-up, students can anonymously discover other liked-minded people that have shared threads ranging from academics and sports to style, beliefs, health and habits. The app also makes it easier to find future roommates, teammates, ride shares and even study partners.

“Visiting a college or university can be a nerve-racking experience for any prospective student as they are entering a new phase of their lives,” said Anne Balduzzi, SameGrain’s Founder. “We partnered with Quad2Quad, a highly ranked college visit app, on this initiative to better understand the issues students face and alleviate some of the anxiety that comes with meeting new people on a new campus. Now students can see what they have in common with other touring and recently accepted students and, as the app grows, determine if a school is not only an academic and financial fit, but also a social fit. Parents can also utilize the platform to discover other parents sending their child off to the same schools.”

After downloading the SameGrain app and entering the invite code, users gain access to the Connected College Visit section of the app under “Featured Grains.” Users then answer a wide range of optional questions about themselves and SameGrain matches students who were meant to meet. For example, a student may discover someone on their campus tour who plays the same position in soccer, shares the same interest in Zombie movies, speaks the same languages or has the same food allergies.

SameGrain encourages users to never reveal their real name in the app. To further protect user privacy, only attributes people have in common are displayed. In addition, the app’s location feature is optional, and with the nature theme, users have control over whether to accept (plant) or reject (mulch) a match. If an individual changes their mind about a mulched match, they have the option to recycle it at any time from the mulch pile.

SameGrain requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The company intends to launch a Web and Android app later this year.

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