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User engagement and success stories rise as app matches people and soars past 10M data points.


BALTIMORE, MD (May 26, 2016) — SameGrain, the award-winning app that uses a proprietary algorithm and in-depth data to privately connect people across millions of match points for multiple use case scenarios, recently launched a variety of unique features to further connect and engage users. In addition, SameGrain’s anonymized data now exceeds 10 million answers enabling SameGrain to accurately forecast political views and correlate everything from #election results and #health issues to #golf handicaps and #college majors.

The most popular new feature, GrainChat, enables groups of users to join or create chat rooms based on their location and shared attributes. Rooms can be open to all users or only visible to users who share a specific location (street, campus, city, state, region, etc.) or with one or more matched attributes (Giants fans, republican, accountant). With over 800 active chats, trending topics range from finding nearby roommates, travel companions and friends to health support, army wives, and politics.


Now, users not only receive a daily dose of recommended matches from SameGrain, but can also search for matches based on a variety of factors. In addition to sorting users by best, nearest and newest, users can also filter their results by age, gender, distance, specific matched attributes, sexual orientation, relationship status, their SameGrain goals and more. For example, a college student could search for a roommate who plays soccer, has a vegan diet, and is majoring in biology or other related science.


SameGrain uses a mix of fun and serious questions to match people across millions of potential attributes. This enables users to privately locate and connect with new friends near and far who are in the same life stages and situations, resulting in a wide-range of success stories.

Answers to SameGrain’s questions have created nearly 10M anonymized answers, which can be correlated to produce interesting in-depth data insights for SameGrain’s platform and data partners. The top third of SameGrain’s users answer over 350 questions each; with the average new user answering almost 200 questions. A sample of SameGrain’s interactive data charts can be viewed at

SameGrain is currently raising a $2M seed round, with plans to deploy additional features. For more information visit or download the app at

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