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Jumping Off the Plane




The military consistently loses troops to an enemy threat that is always evolving and often silent. This threat is suicide. Loneliness, isolation, feelings of hopelessness, and the perception of being a burden to others is contributes to this threat. To make matters worse, some individuals have also lost trust and confidence in institutional programs and leadership, or they avoid seeking help due to real or perceived stigma issues or other barriers.



While compiling research from SameGrain's consumer app, we noticed thousands of active duty military members  and veterans were connecting on our platform for peer support and community engagement. We had matched individuals with the same health issues like Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD). And, we matched individuals serving on the same ships or with the same past deployments. We also matched family members and caregivers of veterans. Early indicators, showed people felt less isolated and alone.


It was then we realized that SameGrain could be customized for each military branch to not only help mitigate suicide, but also  

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