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The National Society of Collegiate Scholars  +  SameGrain 


The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) is excited to announce our partnership with SameGrain.  SameGrain trusted their "crazy idea" and built a mobile app designed to privately connect people that share multiple in-depth areas in common. Through this partnership, NSCS members can now match with each other to see what they share in common, whether they are located in the same room, on the same campus, or anywhere on the planet.  


For example: members with the same majors, interested in the same study abroad destinations, passionate about the same causes, on the same career path, or even members reading the same book or playing the same sport can now connect. Members can use SameGrain to find roommates, teammates, travel companions, ride shares and fellow NSCS members. You can even give anonymous feedback to NSCS via SameGrain.


Some of you may recall seeing a sneak peek of SameGrain at Scholarcon.   The app is currently available to anyone with an Apple iOS device (e.g., iPhone or iPad running iOS 7 or above).  SameGrain will be launching their Web and Android app in the coming months.  So, hang in there if you don't have an iOS device.  Scroll down to learn more...




SameGrain Tour


Watch the video to see how SameGrain works.  

SameGrain uses a nature theme so you PLANT

strong matches and MULCH weak or creepy matches.  

Get Started...



Click Here to Download the

App from Apple Store


During the sign-up process

just enter your e-mail address

and create a password and user name.


When you reach the partner screen

use the Partner Code: NSCS

to connect to other NSCS users.


if you don't have an iPhone or iPad

 Click Here

to be notified when the

Web & Android App are available.


Start answering questions

on the Grains page

to build your profile.


Toggle to Featured Grains

(located on the top of the screen)

to view the NSCS category.


Be sure to answer NSCS questions

to begin matching with

other NSCS members. 


Along the way,

create your profile by

uploading any image and add

a little info about yourself.


You can use the find feature

on the top right corner of the

Match screen to sort or find

specific matches.


View your matches to

see what you have in common

with other NSCS members

near or far.  Then send

and accept plant requests to

grow connections.


To protect your privacy

SameGrain only shows

grains you have in common

with other people.


Brand Ambassador

If you are interested in becoming a

SameGrain Brand Ambassador

please click here to e-mail us your

name and school.


Ambassador's earn $1 per new sign-up.


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