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Below is a brief snapshot of SameGrain's rollout marketing materials.  PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS PAGE.

Updated Website

The current website has been updated with a tutorial video and App store download link.  In Q1, the website will be further updated to coincide with SameGrain's web app launch.  The new site will feature a series of screenshots and theme oriented videos.  It will also link to SameGrain's web app.

Sample of Twitter Ads
Social Media Ads

A combination of highly targeted and general ads are currently running on Facebook and Twitter.  These ads can target specific audiences (e.g., student,  iPhone 6, likes dogs, lives in Coral Gables, etc.).  The Facebook SDK will be installed in version 1.2 of the app, which will provide greater app install data.


As the marketing budget grows, more social media platforms will be considered and more ad concepts will be developed to target specific audience segments.  The current top performing ads relate to finding a study partner, fellow pet lovers, and others new to a metropolitian area.


Tap the arrow buttons to scroll through ad concepts.  


Sample of Facebook Ads
College Campus Posters

Instead of the typical LOST posters, a rotating theme of serious and humorous FOUND posters will be posted around campuses.  The ads are designed to spark curiousity, build buzz, and remind students to download the app.


Campus Ambassadors will play a role in both posting and monitoring ads to build SameGrain awareness.  These ads and a series of smaller SameGrain stickers will also incorporate a QRCode.

Launch Video

In addition to SameGrain's cartoon video, which targets high school students heading to college, SameGrain will launch a series of brief videos that both highlight how the app works and connects users that share common threads.


This current video is playing on SameGrain's Website, YouTube and Vimeo channels and has been highlighted on social media and used in Facebook Ads.

Future videos will highlight a myriad of SameGrain use cases. website
Platform Partners


SameGrain is developing custom sign-up pages that mimic the look and design of platform partner websites and are linked within our platform partner member sections.  These pages can be customized to meet the objectives of each platform partner.


Custom e-mails will also be utilized to get the word out.




NSCS + SameGrain web page website
NSCS + SameGrain web page
Platform Partners


In an effort to faciliate platform partner engagement, SameGrain has developed custom sign-up pages that mimic the design of platform partner websites and are linked within their organization or member web pages.  These pages can be customized to meet the objectives of each platform partner.


E-mail, social media, events, and other initiatives will also be utilized to help get the word out.




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Social Media Posts

SameGrain is continually adding content to it's multiple social media pages ranging from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram.  In addition to existing viral content and daily observations, SameGrain has recently started posting #sgstats, otherwise known as SameGrain Infographics.  These stats highlight aggregated data from SameGrain users to produce interesting insights and correlations (e.g., people who like vanilla ice cream are 1.7x more likely to put pineapple on their pizza).


As SameGrain grows, these data observations will include more facinating findings.



Public Relations

Once the next round of funding is in place, SameGrain intends to turn on our public relations campaign.  In addition to press releases highlighting SameGrain's launch and new features, the campaign will be used to increase overall awareness of the app and support other marketing initiatives.

Branding Give-A-Ways

To kick start our Q1 branding campaign, SameGrain t-shirts, Koozies, and water bottles (items heavily used by college students) will be distributed.  The campaign will later expand to include additional items and more creative branding initiatives.


A series of e-mails will be sent to existing SameGrain users to highlight new features, relay success stories, and encourage users to invite friends.


Announcements will also be made via social media and within the SameGrain app itself (via the SameGrain Guru account which auto matches with every user).

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