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SameGrain Introduces...Connected College Visits


Connect with other students visiting the same colleges via SameGrain.  It's FREE and PRIVATE.  Who might meet your future roommate, teammate, study buddy, ride share, or just find a conversation starter with someone in your tour group.  SameGrain matches you to other students that share multiple in-depth areas in common whether they are located in the same room, on the same campus, or anywhere on the planet.  




  • match with and meet other students applying to and touring the same schools

  • go beyond the academic fit, and see how you fit with other students like you on each campus

  • discover what you have in common with other students in your same tour group

  • locate other students interested in the same major, campus experience, sports and more

  • potentially match with a tour guide that shares your interests and knows what you want to know

  • and, even have your parents match with other parents before, during and after campus visits


The SameGrain app is currently available to anyone with an Apple iOS device (e.g., iPhone or iPad running iOS 7 or above).  SameGrain will be launching their Web and Android app in 2015.  So, hang in there if you don't have an iOS device.  
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SameGrain Tour


Watch this 90 second video to see how SameGrain works.  

SameGrain uses a nature theme so you PLANT

strong matches and MULCH weak or creepy matches.  



Click Here to Download SameGrain App


Just enter your e-mail address

and create a password and user name.

When you reach the partner screen

use the Partner Code: CCV

to view the Connected College Visit section


if you don't have an iPhone or iPad

 Click Here

to be notified when the

Web & Android App are available.

STEP #2 


Start answering questions

on the Grains page to build your profile.


Toggle to Featured Grains

(located on the top of the Grains screen)

to view the

Connected College Visit category.


Along the way,

don't forget to add a profile image

a little info about yourself

on your profile page.



View your Matches

to see what you have in common

with other students near and far.

Use the "find" feature at the top

right of the Match screen to search

for specific people or matches.


Then send and accept plant requests

to grow your connections.


To protect your privacy SameGrain

only shows grains you have in common

with other people.


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