SameGrain provides

deep data-driven
connections and insights
for consumers, 

decision makers,
and platform partners.

SameGrain is an award winning app and platform that privately matches both individuals and audiences on millions of shared attributes. It uses deep data to make relevant connections for users while also creating deep insights and brand engagement for decision makers and platform partners.

Fully connected customers are 52% more valuable, on average, than those who are just highly satisfied.

"The New Science of Customer Emotions" Harvard Business Review



For people to feel connected, they need to have an affiliation with people they relate to or aspire to be like...they need to feel part of a group or tribe.


SameGrain connects people via match recommendations which are derived from hundreds of proprietary questions, thousands of attributes from existing social profiles, and millions of topics. With so many connection possibilities, SameGrain offers a broad spectrum of solutions that enable individuals to form strong relevant connections and support groups.


deep matching

SameGrain's machine learning 

algorithms and AI leverage millions of data attributes to make intelligent connections.

rich surveys

Addictive question formats generate hundreds of answers per user bringing actionable insights often in minutes versus weeks.

data insights

SameGrain's self-reported anonymized data provides a full-scale 360 degree, providing unprecendented consumer insights.



Unique communication and notification tools keep audiences connected and engaged around the corner and world.




geo-location services provide an added dimension and deeper relevance to nearby matches as well as data. 

At SameGrain, we believe in connecting people to increase engagement, facilitate support, and grow relevant relationships.

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